What states in the Midwest have legalized cannabis?

What states in the Midwest have legalized cannabis?

The Midwestern United States has seen a variety of stances towards the legalization of cannabis. Among the states in this region, Michigan was the pioneer in legalizing adult-use cannabis in 2018, which was a significant move as it was the first state in the Midwest to take such a step. The legalization resulted in a surge in sales, reaching a substantial figure of $2.3 billion in 2022​. Following Michigan, Minnesota joined the league of states legalizing adult-use cannabis as of recent in May 2023, although the sales are projected to commence in January 2025​.

In addition to Michigan and Minnesota, Illinois also stands out in the Midwest with its stance on cannabis legalization. As of January 1, 2020, Illinois has fully legalized cannabis, fast becoming one of the largest markets for cannabis in the United States. Missouri legalized recreational cannabis for adults 21 and older on November 8, 2022. Ohio is speculated to be on the verge of legalizing marijuana in 2023, indicating a gradual shift towards more liberal cannabis policies in the Midwest​​.

The legalization movement in the Midwest mirrors a broader nationwide trend, reflecting changing societal attitudes towards cannabis. Nonetheless, the extent of legalization varies widely across the region. For instance, while Michigan, Minnesota, and Illinois have fully embraced legal cannabis, other states like Indiana, Iowa, Nebraska and Kansas have more restrictive laws, with Kansas maintaining a full prohibition.

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