Where to watch Premier League in Chicago

Where to watch Premier League in Chicago

Chicago, a city rich in sports culture, also has a thriving scene for soccer enthusiasts, especially when it comes to watching Premier League matches. There are various venues across the city where one can enjoy a match with fellow supporters. Here's a detailed look at some of these venues, including the mentioned Graystone Tavern in Wrigleyville.

Graystone Tavern: Located in the heart of Lakeview's Wrigleyville neighborhood, a short block from historic Wrigley Field, Graystone Tavern is recognized as a Premier League bar in Chicago. The tavern is an ideal spot for Premier League or La Liga aficionados who are looking to enjoy a hearty pint among friends. The venue hosts 42 different beers and cider draughts and offers a cozy environment for soccer viewing with 8 HD televisions at the front bar​.

The Atlantic Bar & Grill: Situated on the north end of Lincoln Square, The Atlantic Bar & Grill is a cozy Irish pub known for showing Premier League games. It's a favorite spot for early risers wanting to catch a match. The pub has a friendly atmosphere with hearty food and regular drink specials​​.

The Globe Pub: The Globe Pub in North Center is another notable venue for watching Premier League games. With a welcoming atmosphere and a variety of beers on tap, it's a popular choice among soccer fans​​.

A.J. Hudson's Public House: This 30-year-old pub in West Lakeview is adorned with soccer memorabilia and is a hotspot for international soccer fans. It's known for its lively atmosphere during matchdays, and its wraparound sidewalk cafe has plenty of TVs to ensure you don't miss any action​.

Theory: Positioned as River North's #1 sports bar, Theory is another great venue to enjoy Premier League and Champions League games. With over 35 TVs and multiple viewing angles from all seating options, it's a place where you won't miss any action from a single game​.

Additional Venues: Other venues include Cleos, a West Town neighborhood sports pub, Galway Arms, a long-running Irish pub in Lincoln Park, and The Albion Manor, a newer venue with an elevated matchday vibe in Lincoln Park​.

Chicago offers a rich array of venues for Premier League enthusiasts to gather and enjoy matches. The diversity in the atmosphere, location, and offerings at these venues ensures that there's something for every soccer fan in the city. Whether you prefer the bustling environment of Wrigleyville's Graystone Tavern, the cozy ambiance of The Atlantic Bar & Grill, or the vibrant atmosphere of The Globe Pub, there's a venue to match your preference.

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