Whitney present new single and video, "Kansas"

Whitney present new single and video, "Kansas"

Chicago indie maestros, Whitney, have unveiled their latest single and visualizer titled “Kansas.” For enthusiasts of the indie genre, Whitney’s name isn’t foreign. They have, time and again, demonstrated an innate ability to craft soul-stirring melodies, with SPARK being lauded as "Whitney’s most dynamic album yet” by Stereogum.

However, the origins of “Kansas” date back further than the brilliance of SPARK. The track is a reminiscent gem from the sessions of 2019’s acclaimed Forever Turned Around. Originally conceived as “Kansas Over My Shoulder,” this ethereal piece rests upon the serenade of finger-plucked guitar strings. Julien Ehrlich's signature falsetto elegantly glides through the kinetic and intricate production. The delicate collaboration of Brad Cook, Jonathan Rado, Ziyad Asrar, and Whitney sets a luminous stage for Ehrlich’s lyrical prowess. Lines like “You know I’m just another daydreamer // Hanging from a moment” evoke profound contemplation and the relatability of fleeting moments.

Whitney encapsulated the song's essence with its accompanying visualizer – a testament to the song’s intimate candle-lit ambiance. As per the band, “Kansas” saw its inception in 2017 and underwent various iterations before its metamorphosis into the title track for LP2. Its reincarnation during a 2022 tour rehearsal breathed new life into it, making it a pivotal performance piece. Its reception led to the completion and unveiling of “Kansas” as originally envisioned.

It's noteworthy to mention that Whitney, composed of Julien Ehrlich and Max Kakacek, has not only thrived in the present but has continued to resonate with the nostalgia of their early works. Their third album, SPARK, radiates with a fresh glow, seamlessly combining their foundational warmth with the innovation of contemporary times. The record, receiving accolades from FLOOD, Document Journal, and Billboard, showcases their evolving artistry. Their “trance-like and dreamy” stint on Jimmy Kimmel Live! and the consequent expansive North American tour further solidified their stronghold in the indie genre. Their standalone single, “For A While,” further accentuates their timeless craftsmanship – evoking memories of their sun-soaked melodies from the Light Upon The Lake era.

“Kansas” isn’t merely a song. It is a journey through time, a blend of Whitney’s enduring legacy and their inexhaustible flair for reinvention. This new single invites listeners into an introspective realm, where music and soul intertwine, creating an indelible mark on the indie tapestry.

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