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Willis Tower Skydeck Tickets

Willis Tower Skydeck Tickets

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Elevate your Chicago experience with tickets to the Skydeck at Willis Tower. General admission includes an elevator ride up and a step onto The Ledge, a glass balcony providing exhilarating views from 1,353 feet above the city. Adult tickets start at $38, while tickets for children aged 3 to 11 begin at $24, with free admission for those under 3 years​.

The Skydeck is the highest observation deck in the United States and offers expansive views that can stretch up to four states and 50 miles on a clear day, making it an essential Chicago experience​. Once the tallest building in the world, the Willis Tower continues to be a prominent feature of the Chicago skyline and an architectural marvel​.

Visitors can also enjoy a 9-minute movie at the Skydeck Theater that delves into the cultural history of Chicago and the architectural significance of the tower itself, adding context to the stunning vistas​. This unique combination of awe-inspiring views, educational content, and the thrill of standing high above the city makes the Willis Tower Skydeck a must-visit destination.

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